Total Rain weighing Sensor

Total Rain weighing Sensor TRwS with its original mechanical and electronic design is an excellent tool to measure all types of precipitation within wide temperature range, harsh wind and snow conditions. TRwS is most sensitive and very accurate rain gauge. Simple mechanical construction together with very sophisticated firmware can guarantee perfect performance. TRwS is available with apertures of 200cm², 400cm² and 500cm².

    Main features
  • Measurement of solid and liquid precipitation, one-minute rain intensity, total sum of precipitation, rain duration
  • Elimination of wind vibration, particles, unreal step change of weight, evaporation, temperature fluctuation
  • Output signals: contact, RS-485, SDI-12
  • Easy maintenance
  • Evaluation and accuracy check in situ
  • Local and remote diagnostics
  • Autodiagnostic and self check
  • Orifice heating included
  • Direct replacement of tipping bucket rain gauge
  • Air temperature measurement
  • Rain detector
  • Wind speed estimation
  • Corrected data eliminating wind influence
  • Fulfills all the WMO recomendations

  TRwS214 TRwS514 TRwS215TRwS415
Orifice area200cm2500cm2200cm2400cm2
Range of precipitation750mm250mm1500mm750mm
Maximum rain intensity120mm/min
Measuring elementstrain-gauge bridge
Air temperature measurementoptional, -40..+70(±0.5)°C
Wind speed estimationoptional
Wind correctionyes
Wind shieldyes
Electrical & Interface
Power supply5..30VDC/4mA max
Heating supply10..30VDC/0.83..2.5A
Output contact
(1 or 0.1 or 0.01mm)
Umax=30V, Imax=300mA
Serial outputRS-485/SDI-12
Operating temperature range-40..+70°C
Operating humidity range0..100%
Degree of protectionIP65